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The Modern Slavery ACT 2015. Statement of Policy.

Commercial Safety Consultants welcomes the Modern Slavery Act and the requirements it places upon businesses in the UK to tackle and permanently eradicate all forms of slavery and human trafficking. We have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and are fully committed to preventing all forms of slavery and human trafficking from infesting our supply chain.
To this ends Commercial Safety Consultants have agreed a 7 stage approach:

  • Policy.
    Endorsing this statement and 7 stage approach as Commercial Safety Consultants Anti-Slavery Policy, which has been agreed by the Executive Board and has been signed at the very highest level of the organisation.
  • Communication and Awareness.
    The statement and policy shall be communicated to all colleagues within our organisation, with periodic refresher communications being posted to confirm our approach to modern slavery. In accordance with the act itself, we shall post this policy and statement on our website.
  • Supply Chain.
    We shall write to each and every one of our suppliers and sub-contractors to confirm our approach to modern slavery and agree a collaborative approach to eradicating all forms of slavery. We will invite our suppliers and sub-contractors to sign up to our Charter and ask them to confirm their own approach to modern slavery. All supplier and sub-contractor documentation will carry a statement of confirmation that modern slavery is not within their own business or supply chain and will agree to allow random inspections and audits to confirm it. We will periodically audit suppliers and sub-contractors to verify and test their approach to modern slavery and remove any suppliers and sub-contractors from our supply chain who have not taken reasonable steps to monitor its presence.
  • Training and Understanding.
    As well as communication and awareness, we shall undertake appropriate training for those staff involved in our supply chain and procurement processes.
  • Internal Audit.
    We shall periodically review our approach to anti-slavery, producing audit reports that shall be made available to relevant authorities, customers and other interested parties and shall identify any findings and in particular, any non-conformance against the act.
  • Review.
    This statement will be annually reviewed and updated, where appropriate by the Board and signed by the MD.
  • Certification.
    We shall seek out opportunity to have our approach to modern slavery certificated to a national standard by a third party awarding body.
    Questions about Commercial Safety Consultants Modern Slavery Policy can be sent to the Commercial Safety Consultants through our Website contact page.

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