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Access Control Solutions.

Access control provides a safe, convenient, adaptable and economical way of controlling access to your premises. Access control protects your assets and your people without restricting access to the areas they need. It is a commonplace practice for buildings secured by locks and keys to be unlocked in the morning and left that way all day; this is opening up the facility to opportunist thieves and the possibility of vandalism. If you install an access control system, you will never have to leave a door unlocked again.
Access cards or fobs are issued to authorised personal that grant them access into controlled areas; these can be revoked from the system quickly and easily if the need arises, for example, if they are lost or stolen.
An access control system is flexible and tailored to your specific requirements; for example, you may choose to have some doors unlock automatically and remain that way between particular timeframes. At the same time, Others lock upon closing and require authorisation. You can also designate specific users access rights controlling which areas of your building they can access.

CSC Security ® hold the following accreditations.

ISO9001 (International Standard for Quality Management Systems).
ISO14001 (International standard for Environmental Management Systems).
BS10800 (British Standard for the provision of Security Services).
BS7858 (British Standard for Security Screening of individuals employed in a Security Environment).
BS7499 (British Standard for the provision of Static Guarding Security Services).
CHAS (Health & Safety Accreditation).

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