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Security Drones.

At CSC Security ®, our mission is to provide our clients with bespoke and innovative security solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements. We believe that integrating technologies like Drones is essential to achieving our objective. Drones can offer a range of benefits such as automation, scalability, remote management, accountability, cost-effectiveness and reliability.
Drones can carry out various tasks, capturing aerial footage and then returning to base to charge and prepare for the next mission. By augmenting, if not replacing, guards and static CCTV systems, these eyes in the sky can offer faster response times to incidents, real-time situational awareness to a control centre, live video feeds to remote stakeholders, and even a deterrent against unfriendly elements.
Putting Drones instead of humans on the front line minimises the risk of harm and enables better-informed decisions during security deployments. Our surveillance drones incorporate the latest technologies and are available with thermal and IR cameras allowing them to be deployed rapidly to a location of interest, even at night time, using GPS navigation and 4G/5G connectivity. Once there, they can identify potential threats and track and follow.
CSC Security ® holds registration with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) FOR Drone operation, all pilots hold CAA licences, and we have full insurance coverage.

CSC Security ® hold the following accreditations.

ISO9001 (International Standard for Quality Management Systems).
ISO14001 (International standard for Environmental Management Systems).
BS10800 (British Standard for the provision of Security Services).
BS7858 (British Standard for Security Screening of individuals employed in a Security Environment).
BS7499 (British Standard for the provision of Static Guarding Security Services).
CHAS (Health & Safety Accreditation).

For further information about our security services, or if you would like one of our security professionals to contact you, please contact us on 0345 555 6030.

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