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Our Security Team and Company Values.

About Us.

At CSC Security ®, we never forget that we have the whole team to thank for our success. We rely on their enthusiasm, talent, and commitment to maintain and build on our business's success, even more so in today's competitive security market. We depend on our teams to deliver excellent security services to our customers. We believe that the better their experience at work, the better security services they will provide to our customers.

  • Our Team.
  • We believe that our most valuable asset is our people. Our people are engaged because they are highly skilled security professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company, which is then drawn upon to provide our customers with the highest security service levels. All our people are 'result-oriented, and our monitoring systems aid us in setting and agreeing on performance goals and measurements according to our quality scheme requirements. The system is also an essential part of identifying training and development opportunities. As an Edexcel approved training centre, we can work with the team member, continually developing their skill set to ensure the highest standards; in our customers' best interests.
  • Culture.
  • We operate within a client-facing culture where the focus is on delivering committed results. The individuals' security expertise and contribution are highly valued. The team have a strong spirit and high levels of dedication and commitment. CSC Security ® is committed to delivering the best value and meeting our customer needs. Our culture is naturally inbuilt - not forced, creating a passion for security services. This approach has raised our team's self-esteem, reflecting in the security services we provide. One of our most substantial competitive advantages is that we have the best people delivering the best security services in a unique and robust culture.
  • Partnership.
  • We aim to work with clients on a partnership basis. We achieve this through the willingness of the senior management and directors of both organisation's to communicate openly. In addition to this, it would be advantageous to spend time together outlining plans and aspirations for several years ahead for mutual benefit. Our entire customer portfolio is a partnership where we openly work together to a common aim.
  • Focus
  • We are focused not only on the security markets in which we operate but also on the security services we provide. We believe that this focused approach allows us to excel in specified markets and specialised skills. We have a controlled and flexible approach to the security services we provide. We provide the client with the ability to retain control whilst drawing on our adaptability of strategy, skills and resources. Hence "Control and Flexibility" is our motto.

    CSC Security ® hold the following accreditations.

    ISO9001 (International Standard for Quality Management Systems).
    ISO14001 (International standard for Environmental Management Systems).
    BS10800 (British Standard for the provision of Security Services).
    BS7858 (British Standard for Security Screening of individuals employed in a Security Environment).
    BS7499 (British Standard for the provision of Static Guarding Security Services).
    CHAS (Health & Safety Accreditation).

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